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My History

My journey into creativity began in early childhood. My mother paints dishes professionally. So from an early age I observed this beautiful process of how art is created out of nothing. And so, at the age of 8, I entered art school, and this was not a surprise to anyone. However, my learning did not end there; I improved my skills throughout my life. I have a master's degree in two specialties such as graphic designer and ornamental and applied arts. And in modern realities, my career has moved closer to design and advertising, but I have never forgotten that I am an artist. And I didn’t give up painting. It became my hobby, and then my second activity.

I want to tell stories through my paintings and share them with everyone



date of birth: 1994.

Place of birth: Yalta. Ukraine.

Current location: Chicago. USA

I currently live in the cold northern city of Chicago. I got here in 2022.

In 2022, I lived in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and after the outbreak of hostilities I was forced to become a refugee.

And to leave my native country for a while, that’s how the USA took me in, where I live now. But I’m always pleased to say that I’m Ukrainian, because it means being original, brave and creative!

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